World’s largest aquarium opens in China, sets five world records

April 2, 2014

There is a new king when it comes to aquariums and it is setting new world records — five in fact. The Guinness World Records recently confirmed the new Chimelong Ocean Kingdom that just opened in China is now officially the world’s largest aquarium.

Adding all the tanks up in the gigantic theme park and you have 12.87 million gallons of record-breaking water. On top of this, four other records were established including the world’s largest aquarium window, world’s largest aquarium tank, world’s largest acrylic panel and world’s largest underwater viewing dome.

There are seven unique park areas that represent different fresh and salt water environments that includes an awe-inspiring and record-setting dome spanning an area over 39 feet, allowing guests to wander through the exhibit getting a truly immersive experience (while staying dry of course)/

The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is near Macao on the island of Hengqin. The park took three years to build and includes ocean-themed rides, hotels, a 5-D cinema (with moving seats and other sensory additions) and a circus.

[via Daily Mail]

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